I will...



Always keep in mind that no matter how hard and smart I work, I have not been successful until I sell your home.

I WILL Communicate...

Call you every time that there is something to report, but regularly even if there is nothing to report.  

Allow you to tell me how often you want a call.

Put your name and phone number in my cell phone directory so that every time you call, I will see your name and consider it an urgent call.  If I cannot answer your call immediately, I will call you back within minutes or hours, not the next day.

Regularly ask for your feedback on how you feel things are going.

I WILL Be Loyal...

Always give my allegiance to you, my client, while being fair to everyone.

I WILL Start Marketing Immediately...

Place sign in front yard with my name emphasized so that potential buyers will call me, not the office.

Make sure that the MLS print-out is in the computer within 24 hours and will not be leaving out any pertinent information.   You will receive a copy as soon as it is placed in the MLS and I will listen to your suggestions about how to improve the pint-out.

Emphasize in the Listing how your home, not the neighborhood, is unique.

Call other agents about your home.

Get information to the approximately 200 agents in our office

I WILL Serve You...

Make sure that I am focused on your goal; Not any goal that I may have

Teach you how to prepare your house for showing

Provide you with my boss’s phone number (Steven Gragg, Principle Broker of Keller Williams Legacy Group  210-482-3200) so that you will know who to call if you are in any way dissatisfied with the way I am representing you.

I WILL Deal with the outside world on your behalf...

Follow-up on every agent who shows the house

Take responsibly to free up your time between ratification of contract and closing by making sure that Title Company gets a copy of the ratified contract immediately.

Make sure Title Company has all paperwork that they need

Make sure that all inspections are completed in a timely manner.

Make sure that the Title Company, Attorneys, Buyer’s Mortgage

Company, Inspectors, Repairmen, Buyer’s Agent and buyer are doing what they need to do in order to meet the closing deadline.

Help you find your next home whether in this city or another city

I WILL Help you prepare your home for showings...   

What is the buyer’s first impression of our home?  What can I do to improve that first impression?

Shall I reseed the lawn and get my landscaping in top shape?

Does the house or any part of the house need painting?

What about the doormats?  Should I replace them with new ones that are neutral and omit our family name?

Are the pets under control at all times so that they will not scare or distract potential buyers?

Does the carpet need cleaning? Do the carpets need replacing?

Do I have nice dishes and napkins that I could use to keep the dining room table set?

Are all appliances in good working order?

Should I take items from kitchen cabinets and counters to make them more spacious?

Should I remove family pictures from the refrigerator?